Wottopark®™ Mobile Parking System

Wottopark Web-based parking system is the product name that we give to the product we developed. Wottopark Mobile Parking System, android mobile application and web application serves as two separate interfaces. Wottopark Trademark registration belongs to our company and the application we made to TürkPatent on 24.05.2018 was registered on 30.11.2018. Wottopark www.wottopark.com provides web application services through the internet. Wottopark We publish on behalf of our company via Google Play and are constantly updated is a mobile application. Wottopark has acquired a lot of users since 30.05.2018 and continues to recruit new users on the basis of user satisfaction. Wottopark fully developed with the efforts of Turkey Turkey engineer with the capital and continue to be developed.

Wottopark TrustSAFE uses 256 bit SSL.

Wottopark brand belongs to our company Çözüm Arge Information Services Ltd. Sti. Our company is a manufacturer and supplier of software, hardware, parking control systems and access control systems. Our company contact information is written on our contact page.

Çözüm Arge Information Services Ltd. Sti. Our official web address is www.cozumarge.com.tr


User satisfaction and constantly developing mobile parking application

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