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2. This Policy about
3. Your rights and Your choices: You choice and control supply
4. Your personal data how collect?
5. Which of you personal datas collect?
6. What is your personal data for we use?
7. Your personal data sharing
8. Data storage and deletion
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10. Your data is safe keeping
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1. Introduction

the wottopark you choose for thank Thank you !
our application today , tomorrow and trouble-free future Do not use for WOTTOPARK at possible one most good service offer we want . With this together , your privacy and personal your data security our always very important will .Therefore, personal your data how and why is that collecting , storing , sharing and we use transparent one the way explain , also personal your data when and how sharing choice you've about owner you controls and preferencessummarize we want .
This Privacy Policy (" Policy "), this our goal below more detailed the way describes .

2. This Policy about

This policy, with WOTTOPARK among you personal data the relationship about basic details determines. This Policy all WOTTOPAK services and about services ( "WOTTOPARK Service" as It is called) to is valid . WOTTOPARK service your use governing Terms , Use Conditions and Conditions of use ( " Conditions and Conditions "), the scope defined .
From time to time new services can improve or additional services we can offer . This is new or additional of service The introduction of personal your data collection or processing our way any one changes to why is that even if you muchinformation and additional conditions or policies We provide . This is new or additional services opposite stated this Politics subject will.
This Policy Purpose :
With you about which personal datas we collect, them picking use why our and with whom we share understand your provide ;
WOTTOPAK Service you using the good experience offer for with us you share personal datas how we use explain and With you about we collect and we handle personal datas and your privacy how we shall preserve related your rights andyour preferences explain.
The privacy our commitments you understand help would be hope . Any one your question or your concerns should to us how AcAğInIzlA reached about information obtain for Please Following ' Contact Us Reaching ', Chapter 12 eyeDiscard. Alternative as , this Politics content acceptance If you do not WOTTOPARK Service to use whether your unwillingness your your choice that Please Remember .

3. Your Rights and Your choices : You choice and control right supply

General Data Protection Regulation or "GDP" By named new one European Communities of law to individuals personal data with about Some rights that allows aware You can be . In this regard, users this the rights benefit to help be forPrivacy our Center and Privacy our setting more much transparency and access audit offer . Valid that the way and current regulations within delimited it is not Unless, individuals provided rights include :
Access Rights : with you about we handle personal data about information acquisition and to these access request to right ;
rectified Right : wrong or minus that cases personal your data change our or update our request to right ;
Cancellation Right : personal your data deleting us request to right ;
Restriction Right : personal your data all of them or one part processing temporary or permanent as precluded request to right ;
Objection to Right : special your situation related the grounds based on as personal at any time your data our processing objection to right ; personal your data directly marketing for the purpose of processing objection to right ; data portability Right : personal your data one copy electronic in a way request to right and this personal datas another one the parties in the service to be used in transport right and
Automatic Decision Making System Subject to be Right : the decision on you legal effect when or similar one effect when creating profile formation including be in just automatic decision give based on one decided to subject not to right .
S Notice: This right WOTTOPARK 'd you receive an e-mail or notifications you choose, everyone open personal your data you manage and sharing your preferences you to identify possibility recognizes . your approval based on as orcurrent the law permission tweaking another one the way you electronic marketing posts Send Herzegovina When you want , no cost without promise subject approval back You may also or objection (" circuit female release ") declarationyou can .
Your privacy , your rights or these how you will use about any one your question should Please "Contact Us Contact Us "form using Data Protection our employees contact switch . Your request , your identity you verify after reasonable onetime in We will reply .

4. Personal your data how collect ?

Personal your data the following by methods we collect :
WOTTOPARK Service to when you sign up :
WOTTOPARK Service to When you sign WOTTOPARK Service you can use For E- mail address , phone number , company your information and like as personal datas we collect ..
Additional to you features / functionality offer for collected personal Data : From time to time , contact us additional personal information can also provide or additional personal data our collection for to us permission to give choice Third Parties : WOTTOPARK Service to present to you for together we tried advertisement Voters and business partners including be in third the parties you and your activities about personal data We will take ( Please Following ' Personalyour data Sharing ', Chapter 7, wherein eye discard ). This is personal data , data of shares occur for third party or WOTTOPARK 'approval He has given you cases or WOTTOPARK 's you WOTTOPARK Service to offer for personal datas usingintended legitimate interest one cases use . The anonymized and unified information ; To test our IT systems, research, data analysis , marketing and promotion models To create the text WOTTOPARK Cruise rehabilitation and WOTTOPARK at the Speed of text new features withfunctions development as purposes for use .

5. Which of you personal datas collect ?

With you about we collect and we use personal data by category the following the tables we have identified :
WOTTOPARK service When you sign collected personal data
Account Record Datas These are WOTTOPARK Service to sign up and WOTTOPARK Service to to use for you provide or we collect personal data . Email this address , phone number , company information and like informationincluded .
Making your we want Some personal data your account create for required . your account more making personal for to us Some additional personal You can also provide data.
exactly which personal datas we collect, you register WOTTOPARK service to plan and WOTTOPARK Service to sign up and WOTTOPARK Service to use for one Third Side Service ( Use) Conditions and Terms & conditions in noted form)using you use depends . An account create for Third Side service If you use just this Third Side service personal your data with us sharing approval When you this Third Side service over personal datas we will .
WOTTOPARK service Use Datas
This is WOTTOPARK service When you use With you about collected personal data - you can may include : WOTTOPARK service your plan about information . Third Side Applications your use and you receive ads It may also contain the details. WOTTOPARK through you send and / or you receive Messages and WOTTOPARK Customer services the team one your interactions including be in User Contents ( Use) Conditions and Terms & conditions in noted like). URL information , identification information data , your IP address , WOTTOPARK service reach or connect for you use device types , unique device ids , device attributes , network link type (eg. WiFi, 3G, LTE, Bluetooth) and provider , networkand device performance , browser type , language , digital rights management , operating system and WOTTOPARK application version of the which may include technical data. Definition Information our Policy by us treated technical dataabout more detailed information available . Size WOTTOPARK the service specific the properties provide for the purpose of necessary who, motion or the orientation created mobile you ask data .
Additional to you features or functionality present our with your permission collected personal data
Volunteer Mobile Data Size WOTTOPARK Service to provide for we collect mobile data ( above) rundown) additional as, WOTTOPARK service your experience to develop features / functionality provide in mobile your deviceadditional personal data our collection for to us your consent You have already made.
Previously your consent without the below listed personal data do not access : Sensitive mobile device Your position : Precision your location us access permission If you WOTTOPARK in Service location based on functions provide for your GPS or your Bluetooth We can access . Please your IP address that containRemember . Your IP address sensitive non- your location determine for We use (ie. licensing our contract compatibility for which in the country Find what you need identify ); Payment Data : Paid our Subscription any one (Use Conditions and Terms & conditions in noted way ) purchase If you receive this type personal datas we can collect . Marketing Data i : This is personal data WOTTOPARK of michael_mc in Instagram Account and business Our partners / service Our providers provide you with the following shapes marketing communication sending provide for Used : e- mail With , WOTTOPARK service when using and / or directly third from the side .

6. Personal what is your data for we use ?

WOTTOPARK Service When you use or interacting When found, several reasons because With you about we collect personal datas handle for various technologies use . Personal your data our processing reasons , personal your data handlein legal as to us permission give for we trust about legal Supports and this purposes for used personal data category (Section 5 'from you which personal datas We collect ? ' in defined) following table we have identified :
WOTTOPARK 's personal your data why is that that process Description (' processing purpose ') Processing purpose of for Legal dayanaklarişl Game purpose of for by WOTTOPARK used personal data Groups WOTTOPARK Service and byWOTTOPARK presented other services and products present , personalize and therewith one your experience To improve (eg. in WOTTOPARK Service or outside ( third side product and services including ) customized , personalized orlocalized contents , suggestions , features and advertisements by providing ). Contract performance Legitimate benefits Account Record Datas Service Use of Datas
WOTTOPARK Service connected or WOTTOPARK Service over use of provided or presented applications , ads , products and services at your interactions including be As the WOTTOPARK Service technical functionality provide , newproducts and services develop and WOTTOPARK Service your use analysis make In order to WOTTOPARK Service how you access and WOTTOPARK Service how you use understand . Contract performance Legitimate benefits Account Record Datas Service Use of Datas
WOTTOPARK Service with about purposes for With you Contact establish to . Contract performance Legitimate benefits Account Record Datas Contract performance Legal obligations relevance Legitimate benefits Payment Datas
The following purposes for directly or business Availability someone over With you Contact establish For : marketing , research , competitions , surveys and sweepstakes participation , promotion purpose , to us message was you may be (eg., Account settings your page) All with permission consistent e-mails, notifications or other messages through .
consent Legitimate benefits Competition , Survey and Draw Datas Marketing Datas We provide you with place connected features , information , ads or other content provide to . consent Volunteer Mobile Data GDPR coverage legitimate benefit legal rest to reason show for WOTTOPARK 's launched equalization test about more much information you need should Please chapter 12 ' Contact Us reach 'portion eye throwing to us how you'll get aboutmore detailed information obtain .

7. Personal your data sharing

WOTTOPARK Service When you use collected or produced personal of data receiver by category We have determined .
publicly open information sharing you can choose personal data
The following personal data , following cases just the following table briefly disclosed receiver by category shared :
WOTTOPARK Service of property smooth can be used for specific personal of data the sharing necessary that Related WOTTOPARK Service feature to use your selection or
personal datas our share for to us permission He has given Do not (eg. in WOTTOPARK Service appropriate adjustment by selecting ). sharing Reason Your WOTTOPARK Account you connect Third Side Applications Your WOTTOPARK account one Third Side Application to If you connect WOTTOPARK, WOTTOPARK your account can connect for Service Use Data from share. WOTTOPARK 'session open for you use Third Side Application WOTTOPARK account your information using one Third Side applications to login If you do this Third Side Application , playback lists , saved content and activity as specificService Use the data access .
Privacy Center situated your rights and Your choices : You choice and control supply Section 3 of notifications government shape , public open your information and others Share Your about more much information available .
can share information sharing Reason Service providers and Others WOTTOPARK Service offer for need we hear technical infrastructure could operate technical service providers, especially WOTTOPARK application, content and we handle datas hosts ,stores , manages and stores providers use .
This Policy Chapter 6 of the part described way , with you Contact building our help one technical service providers use .
You more customized content show us or more to you good service we can give for WOTTOPARK Service your use our understanding help being for the purpose of marketing and advertisement business its partners make use of . Youabout WOTTOPARK promotion communications send for the purpose of personal datas specific marketing and advertisement business with partners We can share .
WOTTOPARK Business partners
WOTTOPARK Service mobile network your operator as one third from the side you receive or buy you receive one proposal If you access this third party WOTTOPARK Service your use about offer use you use and to what extent you use theWOTTOPARK account. enable you enable or WOTTOPARK Service active as use you use as personal datas We share .
WOTTOPARK Service how register you connected (e. a third side service or mobile service provider through), your account activate for WOTTOPARK user your name or other Account Record Data from it should the way We share .
Personal data , statistical analysis and academic work as activities for but just false name given in a way We will share . oversleeve Forces and Data Protection officials Valid law within one legal obligation to comply or call warrant , court warrant or court subpoena as valid legal as long as response give for necessary that good faith we believepersonal your data We will share . also good faith own our aim for necessary that or third the parties National security , law enforcement force , case , punishment investigation , any one the people security protection related legitimate interests that we believe or personalyour data protection requiring your interests or basic right and your freedom this type one interest invalid not made acceptance make provided that, death or near one physical loss avoid for personal your data We will share . our trade buy areas Personal data , our business we buy or sell for our opinion cases buyers or potential receiver with We share .
In this case WOTTOPARK , personal your data privacy to provide continuation will and personal your data receiver flushed notify you first will be found or different one Privacy Policy subject will .

8. Data storage and deletion

Size WOTTOPARK Service to to provide legitimate and basic operating goals instead bring (e. WOTTOPARK the service performance protection , new features and with bids about data based on operating making decisions , legal our obligations fit and disputes decoding ) to required time throughout personal your data We keep it . Personal your data one part of WOTTOPARK service user you as long as We keep it .
Request If you laws within the following conditions including be in specific personal datas our store required or storage our permission one situations except personal your data deletes or no longer you the identification the way We anonymize:
Legal , tax , audit and accounting Our obligations for personal datas our store required cases necessary personal datas valid the law required time throughout we store and / or of corruption prevention or our users security provide as legitimate commercial Our interests for necessary cases .
Nine . Links Third the parties and third party websites connection that other the content incoming ads We can show . Third side of privacy applications and content control We can not or responsible we can't be held . A third side advertise or link If click on please contact WOTTOPARK Service you leave and you provide personal of data this Policy within whether Know . Personal your data how they collect and they commit learn for Please privacy policies Read .

10 . Personal your data in confidence holding

our User personal data protection undertaking We are . Personal your data security to protect for appropriate technical and Corporate measures we take but Please no the system completely safe whether Remember . Unauthorized accessand personal of data unnecessary place hide against be protected for our system giving nicknames, encryption, access and storage policies as various policies We applied . your password user your account that protects unique and strong one password to your computer. and your browser access we recommend .
11 . Privacy in Politics Amendments

In This Policy sometimes changes to we can .
In This Policy important changes to When we do , the conditions appropriate specific to you one notification We offer, for example. At WOTTOPARK Service specific one notification showing or give you an e- mail by sending . You previouslyinformation .
Therefore, please this type all notifications carefully you read sure Be .
This Policy and WOTTOPARK 's personal your data use shape about more much information obtain If you want Please detailed information for the www.wottopark .com reach Contact tab go .
12 . To us how can you contact?

Privacy our Policy you read for thank Thank you . This Policy about your question should Please Privacy Center found in " Contact Us Contact Us "form using or following from address to us typing Data Protection our employees contactswitch to :

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